Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Bulmers? Don't mind if I do.

Since getting into town all I can say is whirlwind. Yesterday after we (my roommate Danielle and I) landed and the fabulous Alex (her boyfriend) picked us up from Heathrow, we dropped off our bags at his house. It was everything we could do to keep really busy and not go home in the middle of the day and sleep thus completely screwing up our sleep cycles. So by keep busy I mean, played volleyball in Trafalgar Square, got lunch, walked around, and went to a Bulmers tasting experiment, where they were giving away free Bulmers cider. Can I get a hell yea?
Spike Contest: Im watching it about to go over and miss the mark by 2 inches....

Experimenters wanted, don't mind if I do.

Bulmers for all!
Today was another busy day, moved into our flat, unpacked, got necessities, picked up a new UK phone, went to the grocery store and now laying in bed at 9:45 on a Friday night, about to pass out. Don't worry I will make up for it another Friday night, and another and maybe a few weekdays nights in-between. Homie ain't playin'.

Well I am off to bed, about assume the starfish position. (if you don't know what starfishing see diagram below except I am the man and there is no bleary eyed woman in bed with me...)

Photo credit: Capriciously Candid

Cheers Y'all!

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