Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Insert Europe's "The Final Countdown".... Its almost time for finals.

I have some weird studying practices around finals time generally, for example only elastic waist pants. Why not enjoy the all that is holy splendor of spandex, sweats, and running shorts for several weeks on end? Down side of this practice is that I am generally terrified for that moment when I put real pants or jeans on for fear that the late night snacks will have piled on my bum. But seeing as I am in London and am trying to be as fashion forward as possible I think I will only apply this rule whilst inside the confides of my own flat and hitting the gym to relive stress as opposed to stuffing my face with cardboard pizza with ranch dressing OMM NOM NOM.
I will also miss my study buddies back at home and the ridiculous things we would do at the library at around 4 am, ya know making up songs, watching stupid youtube videos that make you laugh till you cry, and using sparkly glitter pencils (for good luck obviously!)
Insert my cheesy TRL style shoutout to the best damn study group ever ala Brooke, Allie and Kevin! WHAT WHAT!

In other news its FREEEEZING out, tomorrow the high is 42 brrrrr!
So the next couple of days I will be hibernating and working on my seminar paper and gearing up for finals.

Pip pip cheerio y'all!

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