Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Insert Europe's "The Final Countdown".... Its almost time for finals.

I have some weird studying practices around finals time generally, for example only elastic waist pants. Why not enjoy the all that is holy splendor of spandex, sweats, and running shorts for several weeks on end? Down side of this practice is that I am generally terrified for that moment when I put real pants or jeans on for fear that the late night snacks will have piled on my bum. But seeing as I am in London and am trying to be as fashion forward as possible I think I will only apply this rule whilst inside the confides of my own flat and hitting the gym to relive stress as opposed to stuffing my face with cardboard pizza with ranch dressing OMM NOM NOM.
I will also miss my study buddies back at home and the ridiculous things we would do at the library at around 4 am, ya know making up songs, watching stupid youtube videos that make you laugh till you cry, and using sparkly glitter pencils (for good luck obviously!)
Insert my cheesy TRL style shoutout to the best damn study group ever ala Brooke, Allie and Kevin! WHAT WHAT!

In other news its FREEEEZING out, tomorrow the high is 42 brrrrr!
So the next couple of days I will be hibernating and working on my seminar paper and gearing up for finals.

Pip pip cheerio y'all!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Curious about where I have working in London? Ch ch check it out, our new site is up!


Cheers y'all!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh. Em. Gee.

Guess who I saw last night???

JSHFALKSJDHFAJKDHS YES thats right, Kate Moss! I am moving up the ranks from Z listers in Amsterdam. I was walking with a friend down Oxford street last night and we popped into TopShop and it was super packed, so we were wondering what was going on ... and then there she was. It was the launch party for her final TopShop campaign that we just kind of stumbled upon. We couldnt see over the heads of people so we rode the escalators up and down a few times, and then headed to the makeshift cocktail bar they had set up amongst racks of clothes. Needless to say Kate Moss and free cocktails? Great night!

Cheers Y'all!

Monday, November 1, 2010

True Testament

Amsterdam, more like Z list Hollywood

I think I may have a new favorite city, or at the very least a tight tight race with London. Yes my friends, I am talking of none other than Amsterdam.

This weekend we flew out of foggy London to the land of tulips, cheese, coffee shops and clogs. Our group of friends were staying at one hotel and we were also planning on staying there however there was a wrench thrown in the mix when we found out that it had sold out an hour earlier, so we figured look at other hostels, cheap flights ie Ryanair and Easyjet. Everything was just so expensive so on a whim we checked Orbitz and bought a package. It was amazing because we took an actual legitimate airlines (BA) where we got snacks and free wine (not too shabby for not being in first class) and when we got to the actual hotel in Amsterdam I swear I was so close to jumping up and down because it was soo sooo nice! If you are in Amsterdam I highly reccommend the NH Schiller. It was right on Rembrandt square and next to the Flower Market. So needless to say "location location location".

Anyway we got in on Friday night and just kind of tooled around and got our bearings, came back to the hotel and got ready for our first night out. We met up with some friends that lived in Amsterdam and went to a place called "MiniBar". You walk in, get a key to a little minibar and are essentially your own bartender. It was genius and so fun. At the end you have had exactly what you want to drink and just pay for what you had. We then got a bit cheeky and went down to the famous or I should say infamous Red Light District. It was so crazy! I think what was so funny was how casual the girls in the window were, I mean they are standing there with hardly any clothes on but the majority were standing there just talking to the girl next to her, smoking or having a drink. After we had our fill we went to another pub and were standing outside ready to go home and I spot this guy who looks like a really rough version of Bam Margera, then I look to his left and see Johnny Knoxville. Turns out it was Bam must have just enjoyed all the freedoms Amsterdam had to offer and just needed a shower. They were there for the premiere of the new Jackass 3D movie.
At this point in the evening it was time to call it quits, we were all exhausted, had our fill of drinks, had been offered sex in the Red Light District, and had a celebrity sightings... all in all A+.

Saturday had a nice snooze and slept in late and all met up at a cafe for some food and much needed coffee. We walked around and then went to the torture museum. Basically you walk around this dark building looking at medieval torture devices, why they were used on people (for bullshit reasons to be honest) and then the actual device. Its kind of funny because no one was really confessing to anything rather just coercion because they had a spike up their bum. Hey, I would confess to being a witch too!
After that we went to the most fun tour I have ever been on. Drum roll please.... THE HEINEKEN FACTORY!!!!! Now of the recent travels and tours to different drinking institutions, this one took the cake by far. It was huge, there was a ride, horses, samples, music videos and then actual glasses of beer. And if you lie and say you spilled one you can get another.... I mean, I was thirsty what can I say?
After that I was lookin a little rough from walking around all day and having a bevy of drinks at Heineken so we went back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for the night.
This is where we had Z list celebrity sighting #2. We had just walked into a bar and were waiting for our friends down the street when my friend runs in and he goes "you know that mean judge on Americas Next Top Model?" of course, Janice Dickinson... "Yea, thats her, well she just asked me for a light outside". Now I am not a smoker, but you bet I grabbed a cigarette so that I could stand outside next to her and ogle while pretending not to ogle. So I go outside and ask her for a light, she grabs my cancer stick, lights it with hers and says "here you go" I thanked her and then she says "no problem darling". I die. Janice Dickinson called me darling. Now as you can imagine I wanted a picture but I was terrified because she has quite the rep for being reallllllly realllllllly realllllly forward and I was afraid and didnt want to push my luck, so unfortunately I only have the memory. Had another wonderful and late night and went back to the hotel for some Zzzzs.

Sunday Morning was pretty slow as can be imagined and we putzed around, bought our souvenirs and headed down to the Anne Frank house. Anne Frank's was amazing, so so sad but one of those things that you cant not appreciate. Makes me want to read the book again which I havent since about the 4th grade. We didnt have that much time after that so it was off to the airport and home again home again jiggity jig. I was legitimately blue leaving Holland. I had the most wonderful and fun weekend and cannot wait to go back because there is just so much more that we didnt have time to do.

As for now I am just gonna put on my wooden shoes and dream I'm there.

Cheers Y'all