Monday, October 18, 2010

back in the habit

Once upon a time there lived poor law students in a London flat and they ordered a pizza.....

I need to get back in the habit of updating several times a week instead of once every few or merely after I travel. If not it totally negates the point of the blog, what I am doing during my time in London, not to be too cliche but the good, the bad, the ugly.

This past Friday night, we were going to go out with a new ritual "suit hunting". No not going to High Street and shopping for a suit, but rather finding well dressed gentlemen wearing said suit. It has made for some great fun the few times we have ventured out and this week did not disappoint.

Here is an example with my future husband Ryan Reynolds in GQ:

(Photo credit: GQ)

Pre suit hunting we thought an easy dinner would be to order some pizzas, easier said than done. Well from our end it was easy, we called... from their point of view it was a hot mess. This place is literally 3 blocks from our house, so close. It took about 2 hours by the time we finally got the pizzas and supposedly the delivery boy quit mid delivery. In the end we had to go pick them up but got them FO FREEEE. Now these were not just any pizza. It was the biggest pizza I have ever seen in my whole life. You couldnt walk through a door with the box unless you tilted it sideways, I laughed every time I looked at it. We coined it "Pizza Island" as it literally was an island of pizza in the middle of our flats living room. Apologies in advance if you dont find this hilarious, it could have been the beers we drank waiting for it to arrive, but none the less I present PIZZA ISLAND!

Case in point, box is as big as our coffee table.

The always fabulous Rachel is 4'11
used here for size comparison.

And then theres me...

Cheers Y'all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


There are those who are Audreys, there are those who are Marilyns, and then there are the Mae Wests… I my friends am a Mae West.

"When I’m good I’m very, very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better"

– Mae West

Cheers Y’all!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dublin in a nutshell!

We went to Dublin last weekend and it was effing fabulous. I have never been to a country where my family is from (Ireland [check], Netherlands, and Lithuania) . Essentially based off my heritage I can handle a drink... or 5 quite well, however I will never successfully have a tan unless it means I stand naked while someone sprays it on me.

Anyway we made it a long weekend and took the train Thursday night and then a ferry and got in Dublin around 6 am, hopped on the bus and trekked to the hostel, unfortunately it ended up being a literal trek as we got off like 3 bus stops too late. Hey, as much as you wanted to bitch, how could you, we walked through Dublin at sunrise, not too shabby.
We had a nice chill day and just walked around, went to Christ Church and essentially got the lay of the land for the next few days. Of course by 11:30 it was time for a drink... no judgement we are in Ireland, so a pint of Guinness it was. Lunch, followed by more Guinness at the coolest bar in allllll the land "Kate's Cottage". Obviously there is no need to explain because if this place was a person it would piss excellence. Well maybe not, it was the typical crusty little pub, but I was quite taken. Day drinking leads to day napping, but as we had gotten roughly 2 hours of sleep on the train it was great. That night it was a huge "football" game (obviously its really called soccer, silly rest of the world *inserts arrogant chants of USA USA USA*) Russia vs Ireland, unfort Russia kicked their little green bums, but in the spirit of Ireland win or lose you booze. And that we did. We pub hopped and listened to live irish music, its funny because a handful of the songs they played I have heard from when I was little jigging around on St Pattys day, no I swear my family really does hahaha.

Saturday was a nice sleep in day and we had full Irish breakfast at the hotel : Eggs, toast, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and hashbrown, can I get a "nom nom nom"?. We went to Kilmainham Prison which had been suggested and I am so glad because though it was off the beaten path it was soooo cool. Very dark and grizzly history of the Irish Independence and the IRA. Once in a while I get on little history kicks and this definitely sent me on one of them.
After we went to... drumroll please, THE GUINNESS FACTORY! Holy lord it was so fun! From seeing how this sweet elixir is made, to sampling, to pint school it was like heaven. We opted to go to perfect pint school over just a free beer upstairs, and learn how to pour the perfect Guinness, fyi it takes 119.5 seconds. We got our certificates and sat and looked over this amazing view of Dublin and enjoyed our success.

Sunday we walked around and went to Trinity College and Dublin Castle and did some stereotypical touristy stuff, bought souvenirs to send back home. I justified buying myself a silver necklace with three little keys on it one with the claddagh, shamrock , and the last with a celtic knot. So pretty and really delicate.

Took a flight home on Monday morning and went to bed for pretty much a day because I was so pooped but overall it was such a fun trip to the land of leprechauns.

... speaking of leprechauns hopefully you have all seen the youtube video of the leprechaun in alabama, if you havnt seen it here it is:

So I made a Wanted poster for the elusive leprechaun and took it around to the sites and had a mini photoshoot, Yes kind of immature but it made be happy mwhahahaha.

Promise to update more!
Cheers Y'all!