Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oxford, more like Hogwarts... no seriously.

Oxford was utterly amazing. Not that everything in England isnt really historical but Oxford was really just incredible. I feel like even the Burger King should have been called "Ye Olde King of Burgers" or something.

We went into the town of Oxford and immediately split for lunch. We went with our hilarious Professor to Eagle and Child pub which is not just any pub. It is where literary legends like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien met and ate, drank, talked and wrote. Historic and delicious to boot.

We then went and got our respective tourist t-shirts. I also have really wanted a rugby so I got that and a sweatshirt embroidered with a College and its crest. The college to which you apply is really only where you live, NOT where you study, so it would be like applying to a particular dorm. You study only your subject not a plethora of extra random classes. Anyway I picked St. Hugh's College of Oxford because I thought the crest was the snazziest with little fleur de lis/lys (which ever is your preferred way of spelling) Also mind that my face is half cut out, its 10:30 and I am looking pretty busted after a long day.

One of the largest Colleges is Christ Church College. This is notably where the most famous people have come out of at Oxford. And where alot of scenes from Harry Potter were filmed. Yea I said it. I was in total nerdo overload. If you are not a fan I totally get it, but I started reading them way back when they first came out in middle school and have been hooked ever since, so this is a judgement free zone... or I guess judge away, I stand by my decision to love the boy wizard and clan. Here is me in the Great Hall.

We went into the real Great Hall, with all the long tables, walked on the stair case where Professor McGonagall greets all the first years, stood in the field where Harry learns how to ride a broom, saw the library, and the infirmary. It was like being in Hogwarts for realzy.

On the way out, there were Morris dancers which is kind a long standing pagan tradition where every May they go into the forrest, dance and make noise with bells and sticks to make sure that Mother Nature is woken up from a long winter/spring snooze and help ladies make babies. Also some guy standing next to me said that if they wear their outfits into a pub they get free drink, so I am thinking about getting and outfits, seems foolproof really.... Anyway for the bit we watched it was very cool. Also there was an old guy dressed slightly different that is supposed to represent the devil and be well "devilish" and he was weaving in and out of the audience whacking unsuspecting people in the crowd with a balloon. I thought it was hilarious mostly because he didnt come up behind and scare the be-jesus out of me.

On the way home it was pretty much a snooze fest and I passed out after a long day of walking, buying, and being a tourist.

I am off to bed with my new sweatshirt, and going to dream of the wizarding world, just kidding... no I'm not.

Cheers Y'all


  1. So fun. I can't believe the incredible education you're getting on top of getting an incredible education. WOW!