Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Insert blonde jokes here.

To start, today one of those laid back, feels like fall kind of days. Class early, lunch with friends, and reading a new book in the park for hours. Really just nice nice day... now add some some durrrr moments in between that happened at the park.

Durrrr moment #1.
My friend got up to run home for a minute and I am zoned into this new read, when I feel a brush and something run by, awww its a big lab. Then I take notice that the lab has a neon vest on, then I look left and realize that there is a blind guy standing in the middle of the park with the dogs harness in his hand looking the wrong way. It was one of those moments where I could have been on candid camera "what is this girl going to do".
Do I :
a) do nothing OR
b) chase the dog and return him to his very obvious owner, who may or may not be in distress.

I soon realized after a minute in my quick racing overanalyze-everything mind that the guy was just letting the dog go to the bathroom and letting him run around. The dog was obviously well trained (something I didnt think of when I almost pounced on him) and did his business and ran right back to his owner, slipped on the harness and walked away. Pheww. Crisis and civic duty avoided.

Durrr moment #2.
My friend attempted to use the public restroom in the park, it didnt take his .20 P, me thinking that I have the magic touch or something go to use it as well. No, still doesnt work. Fine no biggie, I go to the cafe in the park, buy a coffee and go to attempt to use the one in there. I had left my coffee on the counter, go to the hallway feel the door and its locked so I wait... wait .... and wait. A solid 10 mins go by and I am still waiting. What the heck is going on in there? A guy had gone in the other one and I thought when he comes out I will just ask him to watch the door, and I would be quick as a bunny. Well finally the manager comes in the hall (must have noticed my coffee had been sitting at the counter forever) and goes "its just a really heavy door"..... The door was open the whole time I am standing there, and just had this kind of magnetic latch, so every time I tried to push it open, it was just a bit more snug. I thought someone was going to think I was trying to rush them out everytime I was pushing, wrong. WHAT AN IDIOT kdsnfklajsdhfljksadf.

All I cant say, is at least I can laugh at myself because if not I would have crawled in a hole yearrrrs ago.

Cheers Y'all!

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  1. hahaha, that would have been me at the coffee shop too! haha. great kate, and i think i would have been you at the park too with the dog. ya think we are related?