Sunday, September 5, 2010


Sorry I have been so absent this law school thing is really getting in the way of London mwhahaha. So here is what is on the agenda for upcoming posts: Paris, Windsor Castle and Hampton Court. I am thinking that even though it will be super belated I am going to put Paris up later this week because there is just so so much that I wont be able to make it much less than War and Peace length.

Ok, so yesterday we went to Windsor Castle in the morning and Hampton Court in the afternoon, both are about 20 miles outside London which you would think would be a quick little drive, however because of how awesome London traffic is, it takes roughly over an hour.Windsor castle for those of you who don't know is the Queens weekend residence i.e. a big honkin castle. We did a tour of the grounds with our guide and then got the individual audio tour guides that resembled tasers, so naturally being the mature person I am, I gave out a couple of fake "zingsssss" (taser noise) to the neck of my friends, again I am really really mature. The inside of the castle was so gorgeous and just wreaked of regality. One of my favorite parts of the grounds was the knights hall where from floor to ceiling are the shields of knights from 1400's on, but here's the kicker, a good handful were whited out because of naughty things those knights have done, and have been stripped of the title. However their number and whited out shields are all still up so the public forever knows of their shame. Also it was good that I was there to get some measurements for when I move in with Harry, amiright or amiright.... justtt kidding y'all.

Next, we drove over to Hampton Court. I am a huge English royal buff, especially the Tudors, which coincidently is what Hampton Court is, its Henry VIII home. Also I love the show The Tudors, so it was like being in the show, only unfortunately Henrys sexy best friend was not waiting for me..... oh and that is me on the left of that picture.

The grounds of Hampton Court were really gorgeous, outside the gardens looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland, including a maze that we successfully navigated. I did start following a 5 year old girl, but hey she was like a one man Lewis and Clark.
Ok in the pictures is the courtyard, a fountain that used to pour red and white wine.... why cannot I have one of those? Then is a picture of the grounds and the last one is a huge painting of Henry VIII with a huge cod piece he he he.

Ok that is all from me for today I actually have to do work, UGHHHH what hassle.


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  1. i am like 10% happy for you and only like 90% jealous right now. muah! wish i was coming to visit you with our mommies!