Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blenheim Palace

Today was a day trip to Blenheim Palace and Oxford. I am going to separate them into 2 posts just so they don't get too lengthy and a total bore, lord knows I can ramble.

Blenheim Palace is an unbelievable estate home to the 11th Duke of Marlborough and little known tidbit, the birthplace of my main squeeze Winston Churchill.
First off, you forget that when you go out of a city it is much colder as there is not the insulation of the buildings and just city heat in general. Holy lord it was a tit bit nippily when we got off the bus and were walking up to the gates. But as soon as you took in where you actually were the cold totally melted. It was just so quintessential England countryside. From the swans to the sheep to the big full trees and super green grass. I wouldnt hate living there.

So as we are looking around and touring the inside of the estate we go into a room with family pictures and portraits. This good looking and IMMACULATELY dressed (lets put it this way, homeboy had a pocket square in at 10am) upper 20's something cute guy says to me (in the most sophisticated accent "This is so rather embarrassing but is there anyway I can pass through". Who am I to say no to the most polite, well dressed man in the world. So let him through and pay no attention and keep looking at the pictures. My friend Michael casually mentions that the group of people the guy was meeting look pretty well to do, and not like lowly tourists (as I am proud to be). So we are looking at the pictures, all of a sudden we take a look at a painting on display on an easel, and WHAMMY, look back at the older gentlemen the guy met up with, back forth to painting to man. The 11th Duke of Marlborough was standing behind us and that young lad we assumed was his grandson. So so so so neat, I mean I thought so at least. He has his private residence in the East wing of the building and I suppose had a guest he was showing the grounds. From what we gathered from our tour guide Angie, that type of sighting is not very common.

There is also a little wing dedicated to Winston Churchill as he was born there, you are able to go through the room, see his little baby pictures even his curls that were cut when he was 5. Prec-ious.

Outside of the house are big gorgeous gardens and a large field with a monument and about a hundred sheep. We walked through the sheep ... well by walk
ed through, we may or may not have tried to approach and or pet them, however they were not having anything less than 5 feet distance (probably a very smart thing little s
heep). The field was awesome minus the ground which was littered with sheep poopies that were like landmines, but hey "if you gotta go, you gotta go" and last time I checked even though it was a palace there were no sheep outhouses.

If you are interested more about the Palace here is the website!

The next post will be Oxford!

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