Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Season

So, we have had a pretty great couple of days. Why, you ask? Because 3 of our birthdays are 1 day apart from each other. Thats right folks its been Birthdaypalooza up in here. So in true birthday fashion we ate delicious food, drank cheap booze and danced the night away. Last night we had a big family style pot luck at our flat and dang son, was it gooood! All the boys were looking quite GQ and the ladies had on their best party dresses. Being a glorified 5 year old, mine was pink with ruffles and included some ridiculously large and in charge pearl earrings. We had dinner and drinks here and then went to a pretty trendy club called "TigerTiger"... rawrrrr. As can be expected I felt wonderful when I woke up (not), and had some McDonalds to wash down the previous nights festivities. For those of you wondering, in London they dont have ranch dressing, so if you are planning on being a fat ass like me and request ranch for your fries, they will look at you like you are nuts, tell you they dont know what that is and then assume you are a fatty (well the last one is kind of true haha) Afterwards no one was looking for anything too crazy and so we headed over to Russell Square with books in hand and laid on blankets. In typical fashion I passed out face down and if I could have, I am sure I would have starfished and kicked my friends off the rest of the blanket. The rest of the day has been pretty lazy and has included facebooking and sweat pants with an elastic waist, hard life huh?

(Here is a picture with me and my gorgeous roomies)

Headed off to Bedfordshire for some sleep and waking up a year older!

Cheers Y'all!

Also a shoutout to all of my friends and roommates for making a birthday away from home so legendary! Love you all!


  1. wish i was there! love you kate-a-lou!

  2. TigerTiger is so much fun! I went there my last week and wished I had discovered it earlier! Happy birthday!

  3. So glad you have great friends to celebrate with. Miss you and wish that I could have been there with you. Beautiful picture of all of you. L, M xo