Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Any Da Vinci Code Fans out there?

Today we went on a walking legal tour of London. I can imagine the majority of those who actually read this blog (hi mom and dad) are already tuned out. But for nerdos like me, I had an excellent day. We went to 3/4 of the Inns of Courts in London. To spare you immense boredom here is the basic rundown. The Lincoln's Inn is one of the oldest Inns in London and is where barristers are called to bar. Also from another nerd stand point the great hall in the Lincolns is what Hogwarts great hall was modeled after...at least Annaliese, Rachael and I greatly appreciated that little tid bit. Anyway if you are interested here is the link on wikipedia because they do a MUCH better job of explaining it than I ever could. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln's_Inn

We also went to the Temple Church (here it is Dan Brown fans) where the Knights if Templar used to have as their main headquarters. Although it was redone post war it was still super intricate and they had original knight statues from 1200 still intact. NEAT!

Side note*** My Uncle is a huge Three Stooges fan, I know I know, I still love him every bit as much... anyway prior to me leaving he told me some line from the Three Stooges that when they saw a Barrister in a wig they said "whats with the airedale", so now whenever I think of a British Barrister in a wig, that comes to mind. ***
So without further a doubt, Uncle Harry I saw my first REAL "Airedale" today in court. We were able to sit in for about 15 minutes on a court proceeding with wigs, gowns and all. It was just a pretty rudimentary proceeding but I was in awe. I was also kind of surprised by the wigs, I was expecting these long curls but rather they were short with kind of a rat tail, sexy I know. Also when I remarked that I was kind of surprised at how beat up one of the guys wig was and how small it was for his noggin, my Professor told us thats a good sign of status, getting a wig passed down. So when I saw the barrister with a busted ass weave my first impression was wrong, he was actually doing pretty well for himself.

I apologize if that was boring for your liking!

Cheers Y'all!


  1. awesome! haha, my dad will get a kick outta this post. and i must be a nerd too, cause i would have enjoyed your legal tour today too. i my have gotten the giggles at the airedales though ;)

  2. Ahh that made me laugh as I sit here across the pond in my little cube.