Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a day in the life

Well today was certainly one of those days, not ones you look back with a pouty face, but rather that kind that was so typical that you just laughed your way through it while one thing happened after another.

To start it off we were to have a lovely tour of Parliament, take the tube? No, we figured we would take the much more direct route of the bus. Now this is true, you can get dropped off right in front, that is if you take the right bus. We skipped happily onto double decker #24... 45 mins later one way the landscape had turned from city center to scummy suburbs and slightly ghetto and all of a sudden the bus driver gets on and said the last stop is here.... what the efff. So we get off and wait. (if you were wondering Tupac and Elvis are not in fact dead, they are wandering the streets where we ended up) Ok so it wasnt that that scary, but seemingly felt so compared to the ridiculous nice area we have been staying.
So we get off the bus, wait at the stop while we watch our bus driver sit there for 20 mins, get back on, pay again, and then chug along, along, along, oh hell! He stopped the bus again in the middle of the route.... switch bus drivers, keep going, and we finally get to where we needed to be about an hour late and with no hope of getting on the tour we took some pictures and ran back home because we had class. We JUST made it to class.
So our planning ahead and hour and a half on the bus turned into what our Professor could only explain as an "educational experience". And that it was.

After class we needed a little break so we figured why not a little shopping excursion, I needed to exchange some shoes anyhow. Great trip, then I took an even greater trip and ripped/broke my one and only pair of sandals (thank goodness its getting cold soon). Was able to put on my new shoes, did a jig on home and we are almost good to go, till I am about 3 blocks from my house and my bag rips open and I catch everything before it falls on the wet street.

Again I cant say that it was a bad day because it wasnt at all! I laughed so hard the whole time from beginning to end.

Paris this weekend!



  1. Sounds so scary at the time but looking back, I'm sure you'll get more and more laughs over this as time passes. I had a similar bus ride tour of the Cleveland ghetto in 2005, and every time my best friend and I recount that ride, I swear we laugh harder over it. Enjoy Paris!