Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tour de London Town

Yesterday was our orientation for school which I must say was probably the best orientation I have ever had, mostly encompassed all kinds of different information about London and some stuff about school and then we had wine and cheese with our Professors, "nom nom nom".
Our Genius roommate Hilary grabbed a couple baguettes and the leftover cheese and brought it home to our flat so our fridge looks reminiscent of a gourmet store at the moment, can I reiterate the "nom nom nom"?

Last night was the first night out with the group and it was so fun! Went to a couple Pubs and drank, laughed and did some serious people watching, perfect night it you ask me.

This morning/afternoon when we pried ourselves out of bed we headed down to the FSU centre (where school is) (oh and boo FSU) to catch our bus for the city tour. Today was unbelievably gorgeous and pretty much the last day I will be able to wear flippy floppies so I took full advantage. The tour was obviously pretty sweet because we went all over London and stopped to get some pictures at the biggies. I will post most of them on FB later so that y'all can stalk away. As usual I asked some really creepy questions to the guide, like does Prince Harry live in Buckingham palace? Oh no? So where, can I get that address... Thank you! Well not in so many words but you get my drift.

After the tour we were HANNNNNNNNNGRYY and dehydrated so we got disgustingly huge and delicious portions of fish and chips at a pub thats right around the corner and glasses of water, wish I could have gotten a beer, but unfortunately I have school tomorrow and I have to do some work tonight.

**Fun fact of the day, Whoopi Goldberg is staring in Sister Act the musical for a limited time in London..... SHE HAS A SEQUINED HABIT! I am pretty sure I am gonna go try to get a cheapo seat and see it before she leaves because lets be real, Whoopi + the musical version of a 90s B movie + sequins? = rocking great time and a hilarious story. Boom Roasted.

Alright I must go do some work, get my life together and upload pics!


  1. Thank you so much for your hilarious blog!!! I'm definitely going to vicariously live out your European adventures through posts! Oh yeah and if you find a great looking Irish guy, tell him there is a crazy little blonde American that will fly 3000 miles to come meet him!!! haha

  2. If you go see Whoopi live on broadway i am never going to get over the jealousy