Friday, August 6, 2010

Its almost that time

28 days, and no I am not talking about that 90's Sandra Bullock movie.
Here in the South football is not just a past time, its a way of life, its in our blood. It is the time to get out your finest seersucker, break out the bourbon and shine up the flask. (We used to hide them in the hidden pocket in the old school Vera Bradley backpacks)
Though I am sadly no longer in college nor will I even be in the US, I have looked up the London Gator Club which gets all the games on tv with bbq and American beer (can I get a hell yea?). I can't wait to see how my beloved team does this fall, and hopefully you will be able to hear me clear across the Atlantic when we dominate this season and win yet another National Championship.

This isnt from gameday but its one of my favorite pictures with my best friends in my favorite place in the whole world:

So heres to all my fellow SEC brothers and sisters, bottoms up!


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