Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm here!

This is going to be short because I am so pooped. The flights yesterday were ok but with some really annoying delays.

Best part of my flight: the precious little british boy next to me had a Florida Gators backpack, I think I really creeped him out, because the minute he sat down I immediately was like, "I LOVE YOUR BACKPACK.... I went there", and he looked at me with 9 year old stranger danger eyes and thanked me politely.

Worst part: rude rude rude stewards (I think they were just jealous they didn't pull a stunt like the jet blue guy first) and the fact that me and little josh's movie channels didn't work so I watched the sky mall channel and an old (inappropriate for a plane) episode of sex and the city and then kind of just stared at the little plane icon move a centimeter over the Atlantic every so often.

We got in today and Rachael my roommate met me at my terminal and then we met up with Annaliese my other roomie and got the tube into London. I was a hot mess with my huge bags and another big ole carryon. I literally mean hot mess, it was in the 60s and overcast and I was sweating profusely with greasy hair and yesterdays makeup, needless to say the Brits must be already very impressed with yours truly

We unpacked in our flat, pictures to come and I must say I am very pleasantly surprised

Then we realized it was like 5 English time and we hadn't eaten since 7 that morning and were starvin marvins. In typical English weather it was pouring but that didn't stop us from conquering the salad bar and sandwich bar at the grocery store.

Ok and speaking of the grocery store and just other people in general, I know they speak English.... but I cannot understand half of what they are saying. The guy at the grocery store was talking to me and I just kept laughing and nodding and figured I would play along.... must learn to understand English....

Anyway its 730, we are all in bed and I am about to crash and recharge to avoid jet lag



  1. I LOVE YOU KATE!!!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures. Everytime I see the previews for the Hasselhoff roast I think of you <3

  2. So glad to know you are there safe and sound. I'll just bet you were tired. Had a feeling the tube would be a hastle but knew you would handle it fine. Your Mama and I really want to come in Nov. so keep your fingers crossed it all works out. Have toooo toooooooooo much fun and stay safe. Love you so much sweetie. Auntie Jane

  3. Welcome to London! I love it and miss it so much. Have a blast!

  4. Hope your first day went well and that you met loads of great people at orientation, Keep us up on al new developments. L, M

  5. So fun to talk to you with your Mama this afternoon. Your pictures are wonderful. Can't wait to come and see you and London again. Look forward to seeing more and hearing more of your adventures across the pond! xoxo