Thursday, August 19, 2010


What do you get when you take dragqueens, spice girls, gallons of sweat, Danish people? My night last night.....

It started as a lovely evening in Covent gardens at the Freemasons pub for finger food and drinks with out professors. Well a few of us havnt started out internships quite yet so we figured it was going to be a casual night out, were we mistaken.
We are walking around looking for another pub when we see it. Red sequins, dancing and a huge ass wig. It was this drag queen in the window of a pub and it was packed to the max with people. Obviously we were going in. I question whether I have ever had such instantaneous fun in my whole life. We grabbed a beer and then started dancing and singing along with the whole bar to such gems as "Tomorrow" (from Annie), "Downtown", "Rock Around the Clock" and of course ended with "Rule, Britannia". Everyone is literally singing as loud as possible hands in the air, arms around each other singing back and forth. There was also just about every age group in there. Our Entertainment was wearing a sequined and beaded bathing suit, red feather boa some wig that made the hair from Hairspray look like a joke. And she was totally going to heaven because you know the old saying "the bigger the hair the closer to god".

After that the pubs started closing down because they close down relatively early, we were in boys town and one of the guys with us is gay and suggested the club next door, coincidently called "G-A-Y". There were these Danish guys in front of us in the queue (thats right I said queue, not line, getting my British lingo down pat) chugging a bottle of rose and we started talking to them and they were hilarious, as soon as we got in there those same guys went straight to the dance floor and straight up started electronica break dancing, I didnt know bodies moved like that, amazing. Some other highlights from the night is the fact that the only music that they played was Spice Girls, Glee, Gaga, Beyonce, Xtina, Madonna and MJ.... also the bartender was super nice and actually served me in decent time considering I was the only girl up at the bar at certain points
of the evening.

Cons of the evening were that the club had no AC and a few hundred dancing bodies, I looked like someone threw a bucket of water on me, literally all of our shirts were soaked through by the end of the night, my makeup was so smuged from sweat that I looked like someone punched me in the face and of ALL the nights that someone could have forgotten a camera tonight certa
inly topped the list. However besides those minor imperfections it was one of the most fun times I have ever had, just dancing up a storm with friends and listening to great music.

Today was a busy day, surprisingly I woke right up and was a functioning human being. We went to the open air food market on Thurs in Covent gardens which is more than just fruit and veggie stands, it is gourmet food made on the spot from oysters and champagne, paella, fresh pastries and pastas and anything that looks/smells/tastes unreal. I had a fresh salad that was mixed greens, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, cantaloupe and prosciutto with olive oil and a little course salt and pepper. I thought I died and went to food heaven. I also had a giant cheese straw which was also unreal.

Here are some pictures from the Market: the first is my salad, and in the middle in the second one is my giant cheese straw NOM NOM NOM

Then we were walking by this little store and realized we hit gold. It was a French Connection oulet. I got a great top for 7 pounds and was a very happy camper. We kinda walked around, made our way down to Trafalgar Square and went into the National Gallery (one of many amazing art museums that are free) and looked at a fraud and forgery exhibit. It was all about these famous paintings that have been sold and donated to museums all over the world later to find out that they are fakes. And they showed how it was done and the differences, very cool. By that time my legs started getting pretty tired and I just wanted to sit down, so we hopped on the tube and made our way home and I'm typing this up.

Have later quickie class in a bit so I must be off!


  1. Sounds like such an amazing night. I'm glad you're having fun. I miss England a lot. Be sure to go to Wagamama for dinner at least once.

  2. We are actually eating there tomorrow night!