Thursday, August 5, 2010

And I'm back

So sorry for the lapse in posts, I have been a whole hot mess of lazy lately. My life has sort of run like a Seinfeld episode where its just regular life, but kinda funny and awkward, also I think it may be sinking in that I have to start getting up really early for class and work, drinking in pubs, going to amazing museums, and shopping till I drop. Wait mostly just the first two but I mean you have to factor in the other essentials as well.

Beyond my own belief I have not starting packing, usually I am pretty good about planning ahead but for some reason it hasn't hit me quite yet that in one week from now I will be on a plane flying to London and living there until December. I did however organize and pack my jewelry and for those of you who know me, that is a BIG DEAL. I am kind of a hoarder of accessories and LOVE anything that sparkles ( in the most non cheesy way possible). Anywhoo that got done which I considered a huge accomplishment. I meant to pack other stuff today, but instead I went shopping, as the day before and the day before... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Seriously I get two big ole suitcases that I have not filled with more than I can fit and I am still buying more. OY VEYYYYY

Another excuse as to my absence has been going to every doctor under the sun making sure I am 100% healthy and there will be no crazy emergency that I could have prevented earlier on. High on the list of Drs visits I consider getting a new retainer. Now I am super anal retentive about wearing them everynight and my besties from college can attest to that. I hadnt been to the Orthodontist since I was in like 8th grade and thought that maybe he could do a quick fix on the old broken piece, unfort not the case BUT I am getting a new one which is fabulous news for all the nerdos out there like me. It was also super awkward as I was the oldest person in the waiting room sans parents and unlike last time (in middle school) I decided against putting my name in the prize bin to win a beanie baby.

Also I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, turns out I needed a couple fillings... and I got a new Dr. a new young VERY VERY VERY cute Dr. who also smells really good (ok I know thats creepy but he was so close I couldnt help but take a whiff) ANNNNDDDD went to Florida, sounds perfect right? Anyway in my marathon of getting fixed up I am sure I made a fabulous impression of choking on my own spit, having my novacaned numb lips flapping around when trying to be witty, and him having the honor of looking up my nose and from an angle that is impossible for me NOT to have a huge double chin.... I bet he is gonna look in my file for my number, I'm just sure of it.

this is most likely what he now thinks of me: gurlll I look good

Anyhoo I promise not to be so absent in the future! One week and counting till I am off! Tally ho as they say!


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  1. you are silly! loved this post. now that we are moving to jacksonville, maybe jamie and i will hop across the pond with my mom to visit you! that would be awesome!