Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a day in the life

Well today was certainly one of those days, not ones you look back with a pouty face, but rather that kind that was so typical that you just laughed your way through it while one thing happened after another.

To start it off we were to have a lovely tour of Parliament, take the tube? No, we figured we would take the much more direct route of the bus. Now this is true, you can get dropped off right in front, that is if you take the right bus. We skipped happily onto double decker #24... 45 mins later one way the landscape had turned from city center to scummy suburbs and slightly ghetto and all of a sudden the bus driver gets on and said the last stop is here.... what the efff. So we get off and wait. (if you were wondering Tupac and Elvis are not in fact dead, they are wandering the streets where we ended up) Ok so it wasnt that that scary, but seemingly felt so compared to the ridiculous nice area we have been staying.
So we get off the bus, wait at the stop while we watch our bus driver sit there for 20 mins, get back on, pay again, and then chug along, along, along, oh hell! He stopped the bus again in the middle of the route.... switch bus drivers, keep going, and we finally get to where we needed to be about an hour late and with no hope of getting on the tour we took some pictures and ran back home because we had class. We JUST made it to class.
So our planning ahead and hour and a half on the bus turned into what our Professor could only explain as an "educational experience". And that it was.

After class we needed a little break so we figured why not a little shopping excursion, I needed to exchange some shoes anyhow. Great trip, then I took an even greater trip and ripped/broke my one and only pair of sandals (thank goodness its getting cold soon). Was able to put on my new shoes, did a jig on home and we are almost good to go, till I am about 3 blocks from my house and my bag rips open and I catch everything before it falls on the wet street.

Again I cant say that it was a bad day because it wasnt at all! I laughed so hard the whole time from beginning to end.

Paris this weekend!


All in my head

I will not get sick, I will not get sick, I will not get sick... what I am currently telling myself as I have a sore throat and a voice that sounds like I have a 3 pack a day habit. But I literally cant be sick because you can't be sick and look as fabulous as possible when you are in Paris!!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I am heading off this weekend to the city of lights for a long weekend. I am very excited to go when its a tab bit warmer as the last time I was there was in the beginning of January. We haven't quite nailed down an itinerary yet except that we are traveling in the most first class and posh way possible, the bus. Yes, you heard right, a 9 hour bus ride. But since it was so last minute and a great deal, who is to pass up the opportunity. Plus the bus leaves late and travels home late so we will be able to have the whole day on Monday to walk around before we crash on the way back to foggy London town.
So if you really love me you can simply deposit a few thousand in my bank account so that I can pick up a new Louis at their flagship store on the Champs-Elysees and do some adequate shopping....
Au revoir!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wise Words

“I am easily satisfied with the very best.”
- Winston Churchill

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ahhhh Moments

Today has been pretty busy and mundane with school but it was so refreshing today that the maid service came and we have new clean sheets. I just love the feeling when you cuddle on in and its clean and soft and smells good. Its the little things in life... and also when a pedestrian gives you a thank you wave when you let them walk in front of your car, I like that too.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What do you get when you take dragqueens, spice girls, gallons of sweat, Danish people? My night last night.....

It started as a lovely evening in Covent gardens at the Freemasons pub for finger food and drinks with out professors. Well a few of us havnt started out internships quite yet so we figured it was going to be a casual night out, were we mistaken.
We are walking around looking for another pub when we see it. Red sequins, dancing and a huge ass wig. It was this drag queen in the window of a pub and it was packed to the max with people. Obviously we were going in. I question whether I have ever had such instantaneous fun in my whole life. We grabbed a beer and then started dancing and singing along with the whole bar to such gems as "Tomorrow" (from Annie), "Downtown", "Rock Around the Clock" and of course ended with "Rule, Britannia". Everyone is literally singing as loud as possible hands in the air, arms around each other singing back and forth. There was also just about every age group in there. Our Entertainment was wearing a sequined and beaded bathing suit, red feather boa some wig that made the hair from Hairspray look like a joke. And she was totally going to heaven because you know the old saying "the bigger the hair the closer to god".

After that the pubs started closing down because they close down relatively early, we were in boys town and one of the guys with us is gay and suggested the club next door, coincidently called "G-A-Y". There were these Danish guys in front of us in the queue (thats right I said queue, not line, getting my British lingo down pat) chugging a bottle of rose and we started talking to them and they were hilarious, as soon as we got in there those same guys went straight to the dance floor and straight up started electronica break dancing, I didnt know bodies moved like that, amazing. Some other highlights from the night is the fact that the only music that they played was Spice Girls, Glee, Gaga, Beyonce, Xtina, Madonna and MJ.... also the bartender was super nice and actually served me in decent time considering I was the only girl up at the bar at certain points
of the evening.

Cons of the evening were that the club had no AC and a few hundred dancing bodies, I looked like someone threw a bucket of water on me, literally all of our shirts were soaked through by the end of the night, my makeup was so smuged from sweat that I looked like someone punched me in the face and of ALL the nights that someone could have forgotten a camera tonight certa
inly topped the list. However besides those minor imperfections it was one of the most fun times I have ever had, just dancing up a storm with friends and listening to great music.

Today was a busy day, surprisingly I woke right up and was a functioning human being. We went to the open air food market on Thurs in Covent gardens which is more than just fruit and veggie stands, it is gourmet food made on the spot from oysters and champagne, paella, fresh pastries and pastas and anything that looks/smells/tastes unreal. I had a fresh salad that was mixed greens, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, cantaloupe and prosciutto with olive oil and a little course salt and pepper. I thought I died and went to food heaven. I also had a giant cheese straw which was also unreal.

Here are some pictures from the Market: the first is my salad, and in the middle in the second one is my giant cheese straw NOM NOM NOM

Then we were walking by this little store and realized we hit gold. It was a French Connection oulet. I got a great top for 7 pounds and was a very happy camper. We kinda walked around, made our way down to Trafalgar Square and went into the National Gallery (one of many amazing art museums that are free) and looked at a fraud and forgery exhibit. It was all about these famous paintings that have been sold and donated to museums all over the world later to find out that they are fakes. And they showed how it was done and the differences, very cool. By that time my legs started getting pretty tired and I just wanted to sit down, so we hopped on the tube and made our way home and I'm typing this up.

Have later quickie class in a bit so I must be off!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tour de London Town

Yesterday was our orientation for school which I must say was probably the best orientation I have ever had, mostly encompassed all kinds of different information about London and some stuff about school and then we had wine and cheese with our Professors, "nom nom nom".
Our Genius roommate Hilary grabbed a couple baguettes and the leftover cheese and brought it home to our flat so our fridge looks reminiscent of a gourmet store at the moment, can I reiterate the "nom nom nom"?

Last night was the first night out with the group and it was so fun! Went to a couple Pubs and drank, laughed and did some serious people watching, perfect night it you ask me.

This morning/afternoon when we pried ourselves out of bed we headed down to the FSU centre (where school is) (oh and boo FSU) to catch our bus for the city tour. Today was unbelievably gorgeous and pretty much the last day I will be able to wear flippy floppies so I took full advantage. The tour was obviously pretty sweet because we went all over London and stopped to get some pictures at the biggies. I will post most of them on FB later so that y'all can stalk away. As usual I asked some really creepy questions to the guide, like does Prince Harry live in Buckingham palace? Oh no? So where, can I get that address... Thank you! Well not in so many words but you get my drift.

After the tour we were HANNNNNNNNNGRYY and dehydrated so we got disgustingly huge and delicious portions of fish and chips at a pub thats right around the corner and glasses of water, wish I could have gotten a beer, but unfortunately I have school tomorrow and I have to do some work tonight.

**Fun fact of the day, Whoopi Goldberg is staring in Sister Act the musical for a limited time in London..... SHE HAS A SEQUINED HABIT! I am pretty sure I am gonna go try to get a cheapo seat and see it before she leaves because lets be real, Whoopi + the musical version of a 90s B movie + sequins? = rocking great time and a hilarious story. Boom Roasted.

Alright I must go do some work, get my life together and upload pics!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm here!

This is going to be short because I am so pooped. The flights yesterday were ok but with some really annoying delays.

Best part of my flight: the precious little british boy next to me had a Florida Gators backpack, I think I really creeped him out, because the minute he sat down I immediately was like, "I LOVE YOUR BACKPACK.... I went there", and he looked at me with 9 year old stranger danger eyes and thanked me politely.

Worst part: rude rude rude stewards (I think they were just jealous they didn't pull a stunt like the jet blue guy first) and the fact that me and little josh's movie channels didn't work so I watched the sky mall channel and an old (inappropriate for a plane) episode of sex and the city and then kind of just stared at the little plane icon move a centimeter over the Atlantic every so often.

We got in today and Rachael my roommate met me at my terminal and then we met up with Annaliese my other roomie and got the tube into London. I was a hot mess with my huge bags and another big ole carryon. I literally mean hot mess, it was in the 60s and overcast and I was sweating profusely with greasy hair and yesterdays makeup, needless to say the Brits must be already very impressed with yours truly

We unpacked in our flat, pictures to come and I must say I am very pleasantly surprised

Then we realized it was like 5 English time and we hadn't eaten since 7 that morning and were starvin marvins. In typical English weather it was pouring but that didn't stop us from conquering the salad bar and sandwich bar at the grocery store.

Ok and speaking of the grocery store and just other people in general, I know they speak English.... but I cannot understand half of what they are saying. The guy at the grocery store was talking to me and I just kept laughing and nodding and figured I would play along.... must learn to understand English....

Anyway its 730, we are all in bed and I am about to crash and recharge to avoid jet lag


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nitty Gritty

As the Von Trapp family once sang

"So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye"

I am taking flight TOMORROW! eek! I will hopefully get a chance to update in my layover!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Its almost that time

28 days, and no I am not talking about that 90's Sandra Bullock movie.
Here in the South football is not just a past time, its a way of life, its in our blood. It is the time to get out your finest seersucker, break out the bourbon and shine up the flask. (We used to hide them in the hidden pocket in the old school Vera Bradley backpacks)
Though I am sadly no longer in college nor will I even be in the US, I have looked up the London Gator Club which gets all the games on tv with bbq and American beer (can I get a hell yea?). I can't wait to see how my beloved team does this fall, and hopefully you will be able to hear me clear across the Atlantic when we dominate this season and win yet another National Championship.

This isnt from gameday but its one of my favorite pictures with my best friends in my favorite place in the whole world:

So heres to all my fellow SEC brothers and sisters, bottoms up!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

And I'm back

So sorry for the lapse in posts, I have been a whole hot mess of lazy lately. My life has sort of run like a Seinfeld episode where its just regular life, but kinda funny and awkward, also I think it may be sinking in that I have to start getting up really early for class and work, drinking in pubs, going to amazing museums, and shopping till I drop. Wait mostly just the first two but I mean you have to factor in the other essentials as well.

Beyond my own belief I have not starting packing, usually I am pretty good about planning ahead but for some reason it hasn't hit me quite yet that in one week from now I will be on a plane flying to London and living there until December. I did however organize and pack my jewelry and for those of you who know me, that is a BIG DEAL. I am kind of a hoarder of accessories and LOVE anything that sparkles ( in the most non cheesy way possible). Anywhoo that got done which I considered a huge accomplishment. I meant to pack other stuff today, but instead I went shopping, as the day before and the day before... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Seriously I get two big ole suitcases that I have not filled with more than I can fit and I am still buying more. OY VEYYYYY

Another excuse as to my absence has been going to every doctor under the sun making sure I am 100% healthy and there will be no crazy emergency that I could have prevented earlier on. High on the list of Drs visits I consider getting a new retainer. Now I am super anal retentive about wearing them everynight and my besties from college can attest to that. I hadnt been to the Orthodontist since I was in like 8th grade and thought that maybe he could do a quick fix on the old broken piece, unfort not the case BUT I am getting a new one which is fabulous news for all the nerdos out there like me. It was also super awkward as I was the oldest person in the waiting room sans parents and unlike last time (in middle school) I decided against putting my name in the prize bin to win a beanie baby.

Also I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, turns out I needed a couple fillings... and I got a new Dr. a new young VERY VERY VERY cute Dr. who also smells really good (ok I know thats creepy but he was so close I couldnt help but take a whiff) ANNNNDDDD went to Florida, sounds perfect right? Anyway in my marathon of getting fixed up I am sure I made a fabulous impression of choking on my own spit, having my novacaned numb lips flapping around when trying to be witty, and him having the honor of looking up my nose and from an angle that is impossible for me NOT to have a huge double chin.... I bet he is gonna look in my file for my number, I'm just sure of it.

this is most likely what he now thinks of me: gurlll I look good

Anyhoo I promise not to be so absent in the future! One week and counting till I am off! Tally ho as they say!