Monday, July 19, 2010

Joisey Girls

Well its one of my favorite tv nights of the week, Real Housewives of New Jersey night, and of course the follow up with Watch What Happens Live.
Now I was immediately drawn to this show last summer and it instantly became my favorite of all the housewives shows. Whether its the inappropriate talk of bubbies and chuckys or sometimes if we are so lucky... the puffy chucky. If you are not a viewer of the show bubbies= tatas and chucky = vajayjay, princess, britney, wee wee... or what ever you call it. And well the puffy chucky is when a man loves a woman and they make a baby and her chucky gets... you get the picture.

Other reasons I am obsessed:
1.Dinas kittys, Grandma Wrinkles and Lady bug, meooow
Photo Credit- GrandmaWrinkles on Twitter

2. Caroline Manzo- I love her upfront personality, her home cooking, how important her family is to her and the fact that he is going to be my mother in law if all goes well with Albie and moi

3. Ughhh Dirty D, ie Danielle. Now I dont love her, but I am so attracted to watching her like a moth to a light. I really do hope that out of her craziness her children turn out to be successful, her daughter really is beautiful and I hope that her modeling career isnt disturbed by her mother riding on her coat tails, or the sex tape that she released herself (barf-a-rooni and cheese)

ehh enough with this numbering I also "Love love love" Teresa and her creepy stories about her and "Juicy Joes" sex life, their daughters ridiculous outfits that are so ostentatious they are kind of cute. The hat that Ashley wears in every episode (I dont love the hat, its just kind of like her uniform like on the show Doug), and the countless quips and quotes that all of them add to the insanity.

Watch What Happens Live comes on after and constantly I crack up and text back and forth with one of my good friends S about Andy's hilarious facial expressions, the level of drunkenness of his guests and of course our favorite pre teen BEN WEINERSSSSSS! Ben calls in every week. Unfortunately for me and everyone else who loves Ben, he is at Jewish summer camp so will not be able to call in till August, sad.

And I am feeling sporadic, back to the numbering, the number 1 reason I love this show is from the first season. Drum roll please kdjfsa;kdjflkasdjflka;sjdfkasdjfklasdf (that was the drum roll)

THE TABLE FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no other unscripted (or scripted for that matter) television show that could come up with the genius that is the Real Housewives of New Jersey.


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