Thursday, July 15, 2010

I have a sickness

Like the title suggests, I have a sickness, or maybe not a sickness, rather its like hypnotism. Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot go into a darn Target and not over spend by at least $50.
I swear to you, yesterday I had a very clear cut list of things I needed, the most important of all was a converter for my trip so that I can use my straightener and blow dryer etc.

So regardless of my clear cut list I walk in, go for a cart rather than basket (lets face it, I prob didnt even need a basket I could have carried my goods) and my basket like a magnetic force immediately vears right into sunglasses/accessories. Then like I am wearing an outfit made of tinfoil and paperclips, the magnetic force pulls me into shoes. "Well, I mean I have been looking for a pair of nude pumps..." into the basket, "ooo I will probably need another pair of flats..." into the basket. Ok turn the corner, feeling the pull to peruse the clothes. A godly force made me decide not to look at every piece of knock off clothing and so I finally get down to my list.
I am at this point on a roll, no Targetly distractions and then all of a sudden I remember I need a new planner. Well this dang store has them in the same aisle as the scrap booking sparkly things, bad news. So I start thinking of all the pretty things to decorate my planner. ** NOTE: I am like a bird and am super attracted to shiny/glitter etc.** I manage to escape because the poor student in me overcomes the crow bird me and realize that the decorations wouldnt even be seen because I have a nice planner cover.

Anyway as it always seems to happen, I went in with a very specific list, and came out with all kinds of crap that most definitely were NOT on my list, and guess what didnt come out either... the damned converter. kdjfaksdfkjahdsfkjadhf

I think part of the problem is not that I go into a spell like state when I enter Target, but also I am the best/worst justifier of why I need something. For example I suppose if the heels dont get worn too often, they will look UH-MAZINGGGG on my feet with some underwear tshirt and glass of wine in hand dancing around my living room if the mood strikes me, not that that has ever happened or anything.... Oh and I totally look like Cameron Diaz too when this happens or doesn't happen....

Does anyone else get like this when they go into a store or am I the one nutcase out there?



  1. ... And this is why I should limit my shopping with you...we do damage overly justifying to one another. Case in point: clearance Pocahontas boots. 'Nuff said.

  2. I have major target issues, except my weakness lies in the greeting card and stationery section and the home accessories section.... Target FTW

  3. Yep, it happens to me too! Target is the worst for that. There was a time that is was $50, then $100, and finally $200 a trip. I should have just bought stock! Nowadays I can't afford to go browsing, and the Target in DE is terrible (yes they exist)... so that makes it a little easier ;)