Friday, July 16, 2010

House Guest

Today I think I am gonna do a couple short little quips but then again who really knows. My Aunt/Uncle/Cousins went on vacation the other day so we took their dog Bunny to watch. Now Bunny is chocolate toy pood (poodle) and the cutest darn thing you ever did see. However, this precious little munchkin has something much deeper and darker and devilish brewing... in her loins.
Thats right Bunny is a humper. She has been fixed so I don't know why she is still so randy
but I imagine she was just a member of Jersey Shore in a past life so she still has it in her. From arms to legs to Chauncey (our cat). Regardless of it all, its hilarious that she is such a hussy. Love you Bunny, Bun-Bun, Bunnerator, Bunzilla, Boo, Buff. And yes those are all names I have called her in the last 36 hours.

For your viewing pleasure and pure hilarity. Here is the little rouge with Chauncey. The picture is kind of dark since it was done on a cell phone but if you squint you can make out Chaunceys face in disgust on the right and the outline of wittle Bun Bun.

Photo Credit: Ingrid


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  1. I loled at work when i read this :)