Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ello' Govna!

Pip pip cheerio lads and lassies, this is the first post of many on my upcoming 4 month adventure to foggy london town. I am doing a law school study abroad program in central London and will be living in Bloomsbury, also in central London. To give you perspective its about 2 miles from my future husband, his majesty Prince Harry in Buckingham palace (pretty convenient if you ask me). I am waiting to hear back on a potential internship which would be UN-FREAKING-BELIEVEABLE, so we shall wait and see.

There is just one thing I am nervous about, I know many people much like myself have a slight, no, HUGE thing for men with accents. Naturally being in England everyone has an accent. I am just hoping for the best and that I wont have "beer goggles" on throughout every waking moment and end up dating... well a Fat Bastard look alike that in my mind looks like James Bond because I am so taken with his voice.... heres hoping......

Anyway I leave in a little less than a month so I am sure in that time I will write about 10,000 lists, pack about and unpack 10 times and watch Love Actually/Notting Hill/Bridget Jones and well yes lets be honest Austin Powers on repeat. On that note, I am signing off, hope everyone sleeps extra super amazing and has sweet dreams of my future lover (pictured above).

Cheers Y'all!

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